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Release Dates 

Version – 03 February, 2015

Release Information

 Upgrade procedure

            Administrative permission is required for installation.

            1.    Get the currently installed CATC version from: 

                  ·    Windows Registry or

                      ·    Add Remove Programs for WindowsServer 2003 or

                      ·    Programs and Features for Windows Server 2008 and onwards

            2.    Download CATC installer.


Compatible Cyberoam Version


Up to 10.01.0 Build 678


10.01.0 Build 739 onwards


10.01.0 Build 739 onwards

 Client 10.01.0 Build 739 onwards
Client 10.01.0 Build 739 onwards
Upgrading from v to v requires reconfiguration of the Cyberoam IP Address, Exclusion List, Maximum Log Size and Logout Polling Time.

3.    Double-click the downloaded CATC installer and follow the on-screen steps. 

Revision History


Sr. No.

Old Revision Number

New Revision Number

Reference Section

Revision Details







This document contains the release notes for Cyberoam Authentication for Thin Client (CATC) Version The following sections describe the release in detail. 


     1. Cyberoam Settings Tab Enhancements 

From this version, CATC has been re-modeled to ensure smooth and seamless functioning of the client.
Prior to this release, the client did not function as expected with select applications like Windows Firewall, Anti Virus and VMware.
Note that with this enhancement, there are a few changes in the Installation and Upgrade process of the client. For more details, please refer to the CATC Installation and Configuration Guide on Cyberoam Docs.

Bugs Solved

Bug ID – 251

Description – Logs do not get rotated in the CATC log file.

Bug ID – 220

Description – CATC Users observe slow browsing speed when accessing HTTPS websites using Internet Explorer.

Bug ID – 269

Description – CATC users surfing the Internet through Internet Explorer version 11 do not appear in Live Users list of Cyberoam.

Bug ID – 75

Description – CATC users fail to take RDP access of remote resources in the first attempt.

Known Behaviour

Bug ID – 560

Description – CATC users fail to login into Cyberoam when using command line utilities in Citrix XenApp.       




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