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Quick Start Guides
Length of the quick start guide suggests that installing Cyberoam in your Network is relatively a simple process.
Quick Start Guide provides you with a quick summary of the steps necessary to get your cyberoam up and running in couple of minutes. It also provides the default IP address scheme, username and password along with the front and back panel description of the Appliance.
It describes what information to collect and how to install and configure your new Cyberoam in 7 simple steps:
  1. Planning the Configuration
  2. Getting Configuration Information
  3. Connecting Cyberoam
  4. Configuring Appliance
  5. What Next
The purpose of the Quick Start Guide is to help you organize a Novell user group, and to give you suggestions on how to successfully manage and lead your group as a going concern.
Cyberoam provides appliance specific Quick Start Guide so please refer the appropriate guide.
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