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Release Dates

Version – 5 March, 2015

Release Information
Installation/Upgrade procedure          
            Administrative permission is required for installation. 

           1.    Download CGAC installer Version from          
 2.    Double-click the downloaded CGAC installer and follow the on-screen steps. Refer to the KB article titled
Install and Configure Cyberoam General Authentication Client for Windows OS for configuration instructions.

Revision History

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This document contains the release notes for Cyberoam General Authentication Client (CGAC) Version The following sections describe the release in detail.


            1.  Multiple Server Support

From this version, CGAC supports Multiple Server Mode in which it can authenticate to multiple Cyberoam Appliances simultaneously. This is especially useful in a network with multiple Cyberoam Appliances placed at more than one gateway. The routing on the network switch is configured such that different type of traffic is routed through a different gateway. 

In Multiple Server Mode, the CGAC can be configured to authenticate with a maximum of Four (4) Cyberoam Appliances. 

To enable Multiple Server Mode, right-click the CGAC icon on the task bar, then click Advanced and select Multiple Server Mode. 

When Multiple Server Mode is selected:

-       CGAC allows you to specify multiple Cyberoam Server Addresses from Preferences window.

-       On login, IP Address wise success or failure messages are displayed.

-       You can access My Account of each Cyberoam Server from the Login Page.

-       You can check the connection status of each Cyberoam from the Login Status Page. You can also sign out from one or more Cyberoam Servers while continuing your session with others.



From this version, the information in the "About" tab is displayed in the language selected for CGAC. Previously, the information was visible in English only. 

The "About" tab provides information about the Client Suite, its version details and the legal information. The tab can be accessed only after the client installation is completed. Click on the top-left corner of the client’s login window to access the "About" tab.  

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