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Release Dates

Version – 08 July, 2016

Release Information

Installation / Upgrade procedure      

             SSL VPN Client Version is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

     Administrative permission is required for installation.

              1.    Download SSL VPN Client installer Version from:

                  Note: There are two variants of the installer for SSL VPN Client Version

                           · For Windows 10 operating systems, users must download the installer file titled

                                   · For all earlier versions of the Windows operating systems, download the installer file titled


             2.    Double-click the downloaded SSL VPN installer and follow the on-screen steps. For detailed installation and configuration instructions, 


Revision History

Sr. No.

Old Revision Number

New Revision Number

Reference Section

Revision Details

This document contains the release notes for Cyberoam SSL VPN Client Version The following sections describe the release in detail.


1. Support for Windows 10

This version of Cyberoam SSL VPN Client is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Note: If a previous version of the SSL VPN Client is already installed on your Windows 10 system, you must uninstall it and perform a fresh installation using the installer file titled

Follow the steps below for a fresh installation of the client:

      a. Access the “Device Manager”.

      b. Under “Network adapters”, right click on “TAP-Windows Adapter” and click Uninstall.

      c. In the warning message titled “Confirm Device Uninstall”, select the checkbox against “Delete the driver software for this device”.

      d. Once the “TAP-Windows Adapter” is successfully uninstalled, uninstall the currently installed version of the client software.

      e. Proceed with installation of SSL VPN Client Version



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