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V 4.71 Build 001, V 5.XX Build XXX



This document contains the release notes for Cyberoam that includes all the features, enhancements, bug fixes and known issues for the following:

·         Version 5.51 Build 001

·         Version 5.02 Build 001

·         Version 5.01 Build 001

·         Version 5.00 Build 023

·         Version 4.71 Build 001

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OperatingSystem supported

·         Windows 2000 (Workstation), WinXP 32-bit (all service pack including SP2), Windows Server 2003 32–bit, Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64–bit, Windows 8 32/64-bit.

Revision History


Sr. No.

Old Revision Number

New Revision Number

Reference Section

Revision Details



5.51. 001-26042013

Operating System Supported

Added support for Windows 8 32/64-bits

IPSec VPN Client Release Notes

This Release Note details the features, enhancements and fixes of the release 5.51 build 001.

IPSec VPN Client 5.51 Build 001

This release note includes features, enhancements and bug fixes since release 5.01.001.
·         Support for Windows 8 32/64-bit added.
IPSec VPN Client 5.02 Build 001
This release note includes features, enhancements and bug fixes since release 5.01.001.

 Bugs Solved

·         Version tgbgina.dllnot foundon the 'about' window. 

 IPSec VPN Client 5.01 Build 001

This release note includes features, enhancements and bug fixes since release 5.00.023.
Bugs Solved

·         Mainly in Windows XP, due to various naming of the “Application Data” folder, “Activation error 70. Can’t activate software” message gets displayed.

·         Any automated scripts that are supposed to be executed at opening and closing of a tunnel might not run and DNS/WINS may not get restored properly if alternate DNS/WINS are configured and the user is using another VPN Configuration via a USB.

·         Activation Wizard in help menu cannot be disabled after software activation.

·         The VPN Configuration does not load from an USB Drive if it is already plugged in before initialization of IPSec VPN Client software.

·         Phase 2 Advanced option "Automatically open this tunnel when USB stick is inserted" might not work in some Windows configuration if USB drive not detected.

·         Importing VPN Configurations with Certificates in IPSec VPN Client 5.0 from a VPN Client 4.7 prevents from opening a tunnel. The field “Name” is not properly parsed.

·         Windows IP stack may crash when forcing high fragmentation of IP packets beyond 10 fragments.
 Known Issues

·         Some setup command line options may not work correctly during a silent install.

·         After locking/unlocking Window session, the tunnel cannot be opened and the configurations cannot be applied or saved. The user requires restarting the VPN Client software.

·         Gina connection panel (before Windows logon) may appear with 5-8sec delay on Windows XP. The Gina connection panel does not display when computer is “locked” on Windows 2007.

·         In USB Mode, exporting a protected VPN Configuration creates a wrong configuration file.


Debug mode (Ctrl+Alt+D) creates large trace logs. Disable the debug mode or regularly delete the log files.

IPSec VPN Client 5.00 Build 023
This release note includes features, enhancements and bug fixes since release 4.70.001.


·         New graphical user interface provides easier user experience. Among major changes are a simpler top menu, smaller and clearer Connection Panel, less buttons and more tabs in Configuration Panel.

·         Language can be changed on the fly, and all the strings can be modified from the software. This allows localizing any strings.

·         Support of 2 new languages Hungarian and Norwegian which makes it a total of 23 languages.

·         Automatically sort VPN tunnels by name.

·         Displays virtual IP Address sent by gateway when "Mode-Config" feature is set.

·         Add "Purchase licenses online" link under helpmenu.

·         Command line option /pwd (password) must be specified when using command line option /export.

·         New setup option --reboot=1 to reboot automatically after silent installation.

·       DNS/WINS server addresses received from remote gateway are now displayed in “Phase2>“Advanced”. In case Mode-Config feature is enabled, both fields are disabled to prevent manual settings but the DNS/WINS server addresses are still displayed.

·         Displays the amount of data encrypted per VPN tunnel in Connection Panel.

·         DPD can now be disabled with a checkbox added in “Global Parameters” > “DPD”. 

·         “Phase1” > “Certificate” tab now shows all Tokens/SmartCard Readers configured, except those plugged in. A warning message is displayed when the certificate cannot be read on the configured Token/SmartCard Reader.

·         No administrative previledge dependency to activate IPSec VPN Client software.

·         Single field to enter the license number up to 24 digits long.

·         VPN Client virtual IP Address and DNS/WINS fields are disabled when “Mode-Config” is selected.

·         Script fields are now disabled when “Enable before Windows login” is selected.

·         If a VPN tunnel closes because the computer has changed its IP address, the VPN tunnel does not re-open automatically once the network is available again.

·         X-Auth Authentication Type "OTP" is now supported. If VPN gateway supports it and requests it, the IPSec VPN Client will ask the user for X-Auth authentication for each key renegotiation.

·         X-Auth Authentication Type “CHAP" is now supported. It can be used by the VPN Gateway, if supported, to pass through the X-Auth login/password to AAA Authentication server.
Bugs Solved

·         CHAP Radius X-Auth does not work when login and password are embedded in the configuration file.

·         X509 Certificate parser assumes that serial number in Certificate is mandatory and rejects certificates without serial number (e.g. coming from USB Tokens). X509 standard ETSI TS 102 280 doesnot specify that the serial number field is mandatory in the Certificates.

·         IPSec VPN Client Mode-Config feature does not take into account the mask value provided by the VPN gateway but instead uses a default mask (i.e. RFC2408 A.4 ISAKMP Identification Type Values).

·         The reply to an X-Auth Authentication type server from the VPN gateway and the request received thereof, are not identical.

·         DNS Windows network setting is set back to static when VPN tunnel closes, although it was set to dynamic before opening the VPN tunnel. This may occurs on some Windows versions as the inet_addr system function used does not have the same behavior on all Windows versions.

·         Software un-installation might not remove NDIS filter drivers properly which disable network adapters.

·         “Phase2 > IP Addresses are mandatory fields even when “Mode-Config is selected.

·         Windows XP doesn not accept a 20 digit license number.

·         DNS address not restored properly after closing a VPN tunnel as a consequence of un-plugging the USB drive with VPN configuration on it while that VPN tunnel was opened.

·        VPN Client stops working after entering smartcard PIN code beyond 10 digits.
·         Opening a tunnel, triggers some systray popup messages about another VPN tunnel when using multiple VPN tunnels configuration.

·         Receiving a message with unknown System Administaor may trigger a systray popup message repeatedly.

·         VPN Configuration file cannot be imported from a network drive on some Windows network configuration.

·         Command line option "/export" does not work if the VPN Client software is already running.

·         VPN tunnel status in Configuration Panel does not get updated to “Tunnel opened" but the Connection Panel tunnel status is updated properly.

·         The feature “Launch this script after the tunnel is closed" executes the script too early in case the user quits the software, which in turn forces all opened tunnels to close.
·         The feature that prohibits users to access the Configuration Panel (menu “Options" > “Configuration

Ø enter a password) should also prohibit the ability to import via command line using “vpnconf.exe /import", or "/replace". 

·         Selecting   the “Desktop folder in the Windows "browse" panel (e.g. when trying to import a configuration file) results an error, on Windows Vista.

·         Execution of command line options vpnconf.exe /close:tunnel1 and /open:tunnel1 opens the Configuration Panel. Configuration will remain closed, only systray popup messages will appear.

·         IPSec VPN retries to authenticate the user serveral times if ther gateway responds with a authentication failure response

·         The Gina library in the client (i.e. Connection Panel windows before logon) does not find all necessary system resources which might prevent user from login, which may force the user to login in safe mode. Problem occurs, on all Windows XP in some VMware (without VMware "Tools"), and some strip down versions of Windows XP (not up to date with all service packs) and only if a tunnel feature “Windows before logon" have been selected.

·         Connection problem on the NetgearLite version with the Windows 7, 64-Bit installation.

Known Issues

·         Save the configuration before you quit the software, failing which, the IKE modules fail to connect when the software starts the next time.

·         User cannot update the DNS/WINS server address when the tunnels are open.

·         Gina connection panel may appear with 5-8sec delay on Windows XP. The Gina connection panel does not display when computer is "locked" on Windows Seven only. Gina Connection Panel displays only 1 tunnel (if multiple configured in Configuration Panel).
·         Importing VPN Configurations with Certificates in IPSec VPN Client 5.0 from a VPN Client 4.7 might prevent from opening a tunnel.

·         Changing from a "left to right" language to a "right to left" language (or vice-versa) might not take effect. A work around would be to quit the software and restart.

·         The Phase 2 Advanced option "Automatically open this tunnel when USB stick is inserted" does not work in some Windows configuration if USB drive not detected.

·        VPN configuration cannot be exported to a mapped drive and there is no error message displayed for same.
·         The new language translator editor does not support delete “Del” key. 


IPSec VPN Client 4.71 Build 001

This release note includes features,enhancementsand bug fixessince release 4.70.001.
·         Displays more information from Mode-Config feature (DNS, WINS) in the Console.
Bugs Solved

·         Initial DNS, WINS server addresses cannot be restored in some circumstances like unplugging LAN cable with an opened VPN tunnel using Mode-Config.

·         Secondary DNS, WINS server addresses provided by the gateway Mode-Config feature  disables IPSec VPN Client Mode-Config feature, especially if those DNS, WINS server addresses are empty.

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