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Release Information

Compatibility Versions: Version onwards

1.     Download CATC installer from   

2.     Uninstall CATC, if you have already installed the previous version.

3.     Double-click installer download in step 1 and follow the on-screen steps to install. Administrative right is required to install CATC.


This document contains the release notes for Cyberoam Authentication for Thin Client (CATC) version The following sections describe the release in detail.


1.    Internationalization Support

CATC now supports four languages viz., English, Hindi, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese - Traditional. Option to select the preferred language is available during the installation of CATC. Also post installation, as per the requirement the preferred language can be modified. To modify the language go to Start menu à Programs à CATC à CATC à Click on Language à Select preferred language.
This version of CATC will be compatible with following Windows version:

1.     Windows 2000 Server with Service pack 4

2.     Windows 2003 Server 32bit

3.     Windows 2003 R2 Server 64 bit

4.     Windows 2008 Server 32 bit

5.     Windows 2008 R2 Standard/Enterprise 64 bit

6.     Windows SBS 2011 Server

7.     Windows 2003 server with Citrix configured.

1.     On modifying the preferred language, the text on the tabs remains unchanged until CATC is restarted. However none of the functionality gets affected.
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